2018-2019 Programs


***Put MS to sleep– a two-part program starting with a sleep study for a group of mixed race, gender and age variations for the different types of multiple sclerosis. We are seeking different reactions of sleep so we can better diagnose the best type of mattress and bedding for better quality of sleep. Does sleeping at an incline decrease moaning and groaning, restless leg syndrome, spasms and tremors during sleep for an MS candidate?


*****Put MS to sleep part 2– with the results of part 1 of our sleep study we are looking to seek partnership with a mattress company establishing a program for multiple sclerosis candidates. The prospective program should benefit said mattress company and Step For Me. Together both organizations should be able to come up with a program that brings traffic into the mattress company and benefits those in need of better quality sleep. Highlighting the need for better sleep through seminars, social media, and events held by Step For Me.


Wheel and keep dealin’- Wheelchair, powerchair rental and repair. Power chairs are expensive and maintenance is expensive. Realizing a need in the community where maintenance on our way of Mobility can be quite inconvenient and leave a disabled person without a way of Mobility. Those with insurance on their power units have to first get a prescription from the doctor that can take up to a couple of weeks. Next you have to wait for the service guy to come out and service your equipment. All of this is a frustrating process while you’re waiting on the insurance to approve V request. Once there is approval you must wait on the product to be ordered. Once the product is received by the appropriate company you again must schedule another appointment for the service guy to come out and fix the equipment. Keeping in mind that is the option for those who have insurance on their equipment.  

Now what happens to the disabled candidate who does not have insurance?? How can they afford service on their equipment? Batteries run up in the hundreds of dollars per battery. Most power equipment chairs have at least two batteries.  A disabled person could be without their means of Mobility for a couple of months. How does that person get cared for if they can get around on their own if they live alone? Step for me wants to fill that void with a program.


Read with me – Step For Me has found a need in the community that may help those struggling with MS and a children’s reading program. When engaging with support groups and the community you realize that a lot of those warriors fighting with MS feel they lose some purpose in life. Many no longer work and would love the opportunity to get close with a child to help improve their reading skills. At the same time the candidate fighting multiple sclerosis finds purpose. Step For Me has already been in contact with the reading program. A partnership is in the making with attention to detail. This fund is going to need transport, new and used books, writing materials and many volunteers.


Step For Me Talk – A talk show set-up where caregivers and multiple sclerosis Warriors and children have a platform to interact, and ask each other questions, talk in front of a camera on important topics. Discussions should stay controlled and on topic. The series should be posted at the same time weekly. Feature appearances from neurologists, counselors pastors and guest speakers would help encourage intellectual conversations. Step For Me has a focus to encourage more awareness this way, giving us the opportunity to display the signs and symptoms of the disease.


Children fund – Such an important program for the community. This fund should support activities and events from children up to age 18. This fund would be for caregivers under the age of 18 as well as multiple sclerosis candidates. Education and heavy Counseling in this particular area is important. We want to encourage the children it’s important to talk about their lives as different as it is to others. Children encouraging their own peers is important for their important role to one another


FITNESS CONNECTION – Step For Me has a Zumbathon planned for January 20th at Fitness Connection. We are still in the early stages and planning. A future partnership was mentioned. Both parties seem interested in creating a program that benefits both Fitness Connection and Step For Me.


Care For Me and Counseling – multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease with no cure. Step For Me desires to provide counseling and encouragement to MS candidates and family members. Having to live with the disease for life. Many families have  broken up. Many have fell into a deep depression due to the struggles of multiple sclerosis. Dealing with being healthy and able  your whole life and then all of a sudden your body changes while realizing  so many parts of you are no longer able are difficult to indulge every single day.